What Playstation Surf Applications can do ?

Innovative Cross-Chain Interoperability; Elegant Multi-level Main-Side Chains Structure; Unlimited scalability, leading in Blockchain 3.0 era with unique cross-chain technology.

Complete suite of Application Development Tools for underlying decentralized blockchain layers to suit a wide range of developer needs.

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The Playstation Surf token will appear on the Pancakeswap exchanges on Jan 1, 2022.


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High Performance

Parallel processing and server clusters remove performance bottlenecks. The cross-chain collaboration mechanism facilitates independent application deployment

Token Name - Playstation Surf
Token Symbol - PSS
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 100,000,000
Network - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0x74991269108343c89be3e8f83f7b022daf378db6

peer-to-peer Transfer

It is often a safety practice that we code the target function of the target contract such that it can only be invoked by Executor. In this way, we are guaranteed that the action can only be executed after going through the process of on-chain governance. A good example of such a contract is the built-in contract Authority that manages Authority Masternodes


Development & Governance

Playstation Surf community members participate in building Playstation Surf ecosystem, achieving progressive development through different governance methods such as the Playstation Surf DAO, Node Election, Resource Purchase, and Proposals.